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Plant technological capabilities

Radiator area can produce radiators of any kind according to the approved drawing as well as repair radiator sections that were in operation both of domestic and foreign origin (Japan, USA, Great Britain).

Machining area can produce the following product using available equipment:

1.               Cylindrical gears (spur and helical)

2.               Conical gears with straight teeth

3.               Conical gears witch circle-arc teeth

4.               Shaft parts

5.               Splined shaft

6.               Spare part for automotive and agricultural equipment

7.               Production of any gear kind after sample.

“Ishimsky Mechanical Plant” JSC has pressure equipment stock (pressure power from 16 to 300 tf to stamp cold metal) that can produce details and semiproducts after a given sample.

Foundry area can produce casting from grey pig iron of 1-4 complexity groups, 7-9 accuracy classes, up to 150 kg weight.

We can coat cast-iron and steel housings of reduction gear.