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History of Ishimsky Mechanical Plant dates back to December 1941 when People’s Commissariat for Communications of the USSR issued a decree on “Organization of Mechanical Plant for spare parts production at railway station Ishim of Omsk railways”.

In the beginning of 1942 the first relocated people arrived at railway station Ishim from railway station Bezymyanka of Kuybyshev railways to start machine workshops in steam locomotive depots. 

1942-1958 – the plant specialized in production of spare parts for condensing steam locomotives «СОк». Engineering department, mechanical, repair, instrumental and forging shops have been operating since May 1942. The first production was made - elliptical tubes of refrigerator cores of steam locomotives «СОк».

The decree no. 443 of Ministry of Communications of June 3 1947 reformed machine shops into mechanical plant subordinated to the Main Administration of Railway Engineering Plants.

Foundry shop was built in 1950 and the first cast iron and bronze were smelted. Locomotives changed «СОк». The plant mastered production of spare parts and continued equipment overhauling.

From 1960 to the present date the plant has been specializing in production of spare parts for locomotives and electric locomotives.

Under Enactment of the Government of Russian Federation of 18.09.2003 no.585 on «Establishing of Joint Stock Company “Russian railways” Ishimsky Mechanical Plant became part of “Russian Railways”, JSC as a plant-branch.

On August 1 2008 the board of directors of Russian Railways made a decision to establish affiliated joint stock company “Ishimsky Mechanical Plant”.

On September 26 2008 "Ishimsky Mechanical Plant”, JCC was registered in Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.