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Каталог продукции Секции радиаторные Секции калориферов Цилиндры Поршни ЦВД и ЦНД Шестерни Радиаторы блочного типа

Product and its purpose

Ishimsky Mecanical Plant, JSC specializes in spare parts producing for rolling stock.

1. Radiator sections:

  • air-and-water radiator sections
  • oil radiator sections
  • tube banks and oil-cooler banks

2. Air-heater sections

3. Foundry production:

  • high and low pressure cylinders
  • pistons of  high and low pressure cylinders
  • pumps for air compressors KT6 and KT7
  • wing pumps for locomotive

4. Gears for diesel engines, rolling stock drives and special purpose machines.

5. Fans and fans spare parts for locomotives.

The main plant product line which is air-and-water radiator sections 7317.000 SB, 7317.100 SB, 7317.200 SB; 9717.000 SB, 9717.100 SB, 9717.200 SB and oil radiator sections 0404.000 SB has undergone voluntary certification in the certification system of Federal Railway Transport.

Our plant produces air-and-water radiator sections with high thermotechnical characteristics and aerodynamic performance which is confirmed by comparison tests conducted by All-Russian Scientific Research and Design Engineering Institute of Rolling Stock. The reason for that are cooling plate production from band copper M3 and manufacturing application of dip-coating method, i.e. putting cooling plates with radiator tubes in soldering dipper.

Radiator sections are one of the major components of cooling units and are used in high power diesel engines cooling systems of all kind of locomotives and special purpose machinery, as well as in cooling systems of transformers of AC electric trains and locomotives. There are up to several dozens of sections in a high power diesel engines cooling system.

Radiator sections are implemented in the cooling systems of:

  • diesel engines of locomotives: ТЭ3, 2ТЭ10Л, ТЭ116, М62 (ST44, V120, T679.1, 781, K62, M62K), ТЭП60, ТЭП70, 2ТЭ70, ТЭМ2, ТЭМ7, ТЭМ15, ТЭМ18, ТГМ3А, ТГМ23, ЧМЭ2, ЧМЭ3, ТГМ4, ТГМ6, ТГ21, ТГ-22, ТГМ11; 
  • power units СА-10, СА-10-1У2, СА-20, СА-20-У2, СА-25, СА-30, САТ-450, АСТ-2; 
  • drilling-rig drives 125 ДГУ, 160 ДГУ, БУ2500, БУ3000, БУ3200/200-ДГУ1, 5000 ДГУ, БУФ 320-ДХ, 3Д-86-2, НБО-Д; 
  • drill pumps УНБ-600, УНБТ-950;  
  • traction units УТМ-1А and locomotives ОПЭ1, ОПЭ2, НП1; 
  • electric-traction units ТЭУ-400, ТЭУ-630; 
  • diesel-generators ДГ-70, ДГ-80 and gas diesel-generators ГДГ-500; 
  • modular and movable power plants ЭГД1, ЭД1, ЭГД2, ЭД2, ЭГД3, ЭД3, ЭД5, ЭД6, ПЭ6; 
  • transformers ОДЦЭР-1600, ОДЦЭ-8000/10, ОНДЦЭ-1765/25 У1, ОНДЦЭ-4350, ОНДЦЭ-5700/25 У1, ОНДЦЭ-8000, ОНДЦЭ-11500/25 У1, ОНДЦЭ-4500/25 У1
  • AC electric trains, mainline electric locomotives, passenger electric locomotives and traction units (ЭП-1, ОПЭ1, ЕЛ10, КН10, 2С5К etc.); 
  • isolated power plants АДЭ2500, АГДЭ2500, АДЭ2000, АГДЭ2000, АДЭ1500, АГДЭ1500, АД315; 
  • compressor stations СД-9/101, СД-9/101М, СД-9/220, СД-18/101, СД-18/251, СДА-5/101, СДА-5/220, СДА-10/101, СДА-10/250 or other similar stations.

Air-heater sections. Air-heaters are used to keep normal temperature in locomotive driver’s cabin and rooms for special machines by means of circulating water from diesel engine cooling system. Air-heater section is a replaceable item of a heater. Miscellaneous models of air-heaters are used depending on locomotive or special machines design features.

Tube banks are used to cool water circulating in the diesel engine cooling systems and as a composite element in aftercooler for diesel engines Д50 (1-ПД4).

Gears. Production of miscellaneous gears for diesel engines, rolling stock drives and special machines: cylindrical spur gears (max. gear diameter up to 700mm and max. tooth module up to 14mm, at grinding – up to 12mm) and helical gears (max. gear diameter up to 700 mm and tooth module up to 14 mm, at grinding – up to 12mm), conical spur gears (max gear diameter up to 500mm and max tooth module up to 8mm), gears with circular-arc teeth (max gear diameter up to 700mm and max tooth module up to 14 mm).

Iron casting. Cast production from grey pig iron of 1-4 complexity groups, 7-9 accuracy classes, of 150 kg weight.